Saturday, August 29, 2015


I love Via to see the world, at least the city where she lives in.   I'd like her to discover and appreciate everything that comes her way.  It is best for her to understand this early how things go and how people are.

I try to get her out of the house when it is safe.  And safe meant the times when her father and I could accompany her.  We hardly entrust her to anyone else.  I guess we're upbringing her to be a sheltered as much as we can manage and until she would allow it (hopefully, for a long time until she is taught how to defend herself).  Within the confines of her sheltered world, I hope for her to be exposed to what will contribute to her growth as a well-rounded human being.

At this age, we allow her to observe as much as she would like.  It is best for her to take a look intently at what is going on around her.  She could not join most of it yet.  We're letting her build her interest.  From there she can choose which ones she want to get involved in.

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