Saturday, November 14, 2015

Botanical Watercolor

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Well, I've got to find an outlet somehow and I came across an article in about art classes by Life After Breakfast and Mansy Abesamis.

I was so happy that they hold classes nearby.  And so, I enrolled at once for their 3 hour workshop on the use of watercolor.

There were at most twenty people accommodated in that afternoon workshop and four of us were in the medical field.  They were from another hospital and they were seated at another table so I didn't have time and chance to mingle with them.

I just found out that using watercolor as medium requires a lot of patience.  They fed us in between colors because we need to wait for the parts to dry up before we had to apply more colors or draw more petals.

Not so much of a talent because your work will end up looking good (I think).  I made a lot of mess but when I took a picture of it or looked at it from afar, it really looked like petals of a flower which was what I was aiming for.

Well, I didn't take pictures of other people's work because my petals would look a bit strange than real compared to them.

I liked it so much.  Hoping to have more time and space to create more of these.  

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