Sunday, September 11, 2016

No Matter How Trivial

She finds her hairdo so nice and runs to her LolaMommy (Grandma) downstairs to show it to her, especially the flower band on her hair.  
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There are so many things my daughter like to share to me.  All of them she finds beautiful.  It doesn't matter if she made it or not, I just have to appreciate it as much as she does.

During the days when I was still working away from home, she has something ready to give me once I came through our door.  She gets so excited to show me her "gift" which was usually a family portrait - the three of us in pencil and crayons.  And she always features herself with the most beautiful dress and hair and in the middle.  On the other hand, her father and I ended up being smaller than her.  I don't mind at all.  As long as she includes us in her portraits.

These days, her family portraits turns into a social gathering.  Some of them featuring the three of us singing while there were other people on their tables dining.  I don't really know where she gets the idea - probably YouTube.

I feel very lucky every time she shows something that she made.  I'm thinking that she showed it to me and not to anyone else.  It makes me feel that I'm her best friend.  And I'm praying that I won't be replaced.  

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