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Sitting Around

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Our work depends on the machine.  If it's not working then it seems that we are not working when we are even trying to.  And so for the whole week when the ultrasound machine can't seem to save images, we try to be in our best behaviour.   We try to be out of sight because people who are so busy might resent this free time that we have.  There are people like that.

When you have time, you can't seem to find anything to do.  But in times that you're so busy, there's so much you want to do in your free time.  We tried to open our books, but the phone was beside it.  And internet is working fine.  And so, study time became iPhone/Android time.  There are so many distractions.   Our mere presence is a distractions to each other.

The photo above isn't what it seemed to be.  We posed for the camera.  We were actually talking to each other about the upcoming long weekend.

Well, after this rest week, we're going back to work …

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